Suárez can make it at Real Madrid

The ex-Mexico international, now working as a coach, analysed the possible signing of Luis Suárez by Real Madrid, which has been talked about a lot in the last few weeks.

“Luis Suárez has a lot of good qualities: he is a fighter; he has a pedigree and a good temperament, and to survive in the penalty area, you have to have these qualities because the defenders will make mincemeat of you if you don’t. Suárez can triumph perfectly well at Real Madrid if they end up signing him. He’s got it all”, he said.

Benzema is a player who can be a number 9 or a number 10, but he needs to be a bit tougher, a bit more aggressive, to show a bit more character. It will be hard for him to change now, and I do respect his style. But to be at Real Madrid you need that little bit more”, said Hugo Sánchez about Real’s French international forward.

“I like Diego Costa because of his character and his personality. He is an assertive and aggressive attacker, and alarms both defenders and keepers. I identify with him in many ways”, Hugo Sánchez concludes.

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Hugo Sanchez

Real Madrid set to offer $120 million for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez

(Enrique Castro-Mendivil/Reuters)

(Enrique Castro-Mendivil/Reuters)

Real Madrid, the winners of the 2014 UEFA Champions Cup, are set to make a 70-million-pound (roughly $120 million) bid to score Liverpool striker Luis Suarez this summer, The Independent reports.

The $120 million would go toward covering a rumored release clause of the same amount that was included in Suarez’s Liverpool contract that also netted him roughly $335,000 per week. It is likely Real Madrid would offer a similar or higher salary to the Uruguayan star who won 2014′s PFA player of the year award.

If the deal goes through, Real Madrid’s addition of Suarez would basically make the team to European soccer what the Miami Heat are to the NBA. But maybe even more deadly. Suarez would join Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, who were also recruited with big money bids, as well as standouts such as Daniel Carvajal, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Angel De Maria, Luka Modric and Xabi Alonso.

Suarez, meanwhile, has not publicly stated he wishes to join Real Madrid, and last month he dismissed rumors that about his future to Madrid’s La Marca newspaper. Suarez said:

“I don’t pay any attention to those stories; I’m under contract with Liverpool. When I read that Real want to sign me, I turn the page; it’s just speculation. I’m focused on the World Cup and I’m not thinking about the speculation.”